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Bora - Revoluion in kitchen design

Coolmation World is your No.1 home and building innovation company in Nigeria

Coolmation World was founded on the need to bring building innovation to Nigeria. We discovered many people yearn for innovative products and solutions on their building projects but are usually left dissatisfied at the quality and traditional products being recycled over the years.

If this is you, then congratulations! We understand exactly how you feel. We have gone the extra mile for you. With our products, we bring your dream to reality. For example, our BORA products offer a revolution in your kitchen design. We believe kitchen should be not be a room to suffocate and feel uncomfortable. Yes, BORA solves this problem with its amazing set of extractor hoods. This means no smoke will disturb the comfort you deserve in your kitchen.

Do you know the bathroom has changed too? Once simply a service room, it has now turned into a place of relaxation and well being, to customize according to your taste. This is the power of CRISTINA

At Coolmation World, we have everything you need to give your home and building project the cutting edge design and solutions that sets you apart.

We represent top global brands such as Valsir, Daikin, Globo, Bora and Cristina. Each of these companies are leading brands worldwide.

So you can count on us. You can reach us now!


Who We Serve

Our products are used in homes, offices, businesses, educational institutions, event centres and many more. We have been able to provide our products to our clients in Nigeria with 100% success recorded


Brands We Represent